a young woman's experience with anxiety


i’m a young twentysomething whose been dealing with anxiety (in all its forms) since i hit puberty. this journal is an attempt to show my support to my fellow anxiety buddies. i hope it can be of help. i also write about my ongoing journey from a tumultuous past to wellness in the present day. 🙂

the meaning of “anxiety flower”

i like the the concept of blossoming — opening from an enclosed state.

opening could mean anything from opening up to the world around you; opening your mind to the fact that life doesn’t have to be feared to an extreme degree; or simply opening your clenched fists.

the beauty of nature, including flowers, gives me hope. so, i like to post pictures of them just to add beauty to the blog. and, maybe, you’ll feel the oneness i feel when i look at nature.

and also, my (real) name is a flower. ^_^

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