a young woman's experience with anxiety

I had an epiphany today and I wrote it down…

Whenever I get those feelings of anxiety, those are my cues that something in my life isn’t right. Whether I’m not reacting well to my environment or something inside needs to change, they are signs that I am not fulfilled or comfortable for some reason. Instead of running away or suppressing the feelings, I [can] use them to connect me to my greater whole. I understand why it’s happening and that is like the puzzle piece I’ve been needing to know. The very thing I was avoiding was the same thing that was going to help me. 

 Bottom line: I’m not sure if those goes for everyone but…I think I can say that my anxiety issues are a reflection of whatever is going on in my world — inner or outer.Those annoying feelings are trying to let me know that something needs to change. It’s all connected.

Does anyone understand what I’m saying? I would really like your thoughts on this.

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